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  • CCTV Installation Technician (Outline: Basic Electronics, Fundamentals of wired, wireless and IP CCTV System, Installation and maintenance of CCTV, Video recording and storage, Monitor and display screen (LCD, TFT and LED display), Fundamental of computer network, Network IP, Motorized and fixed camera lens, IP/Network CCTV solution, CCTV Surveillance System etc
  • Computer Hardware/ Hardware Technician (Outline: Computer fundamentals, PC hardware, Operating System and Application Software, Computer Peripheral and Devices, Networking Fundamental and Internet, Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Lab.)
  • Computer Hardware Engineering with Networking (LAN) (Outline:Basics of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Computer Hardware, Computer Communication and Networking.)
  • Advanced Network Engineering ( Outline: Basic Networking, System Administration, Mikrotik devices Implementing switching and Routing Solutions,Networking Basics, IP Address and Subnetting, Router and switch, Spanning Tree Protocol, Ethernet channel, Virtual LAN (VAN), Static Route,OSPF, EIGRP, Border Gateway Protocol, IPv6, High Availability (HA), IP Services, LAN & WAN security, Virtual Private Network, Multi-protocol Label Switching, Voice over IP)
  • Chip Level Laptop Repairing (Outline:Basic Electronics, covering basic Idea of analog electronics and IC technology, Motherboard Chip level repairing, Laptop chip level repairing)


Since PC hardware training are usually meant to prepare students directly for careers as computer technicians, all of the skills they acquire in these vocational training can be directly applicable to their future careers.

Hardware-related challenges, troubleshooting and repair techniques will be similar to the ones they’ll encounter on the job, if they choose to become technicians. However, these skills can also be useful in other careers, should students choose not to follow the technician route.

The intimate knowledge of PC hardware students should acquire in these training is the same they would need to pursue careers as computer hardware engineers, the people who work to create and design that hardware in the first place. Knowledge of computer hardware is also extremely helpful for students who pursue careers as computer software technicians, network or systems administrators, or other IT support roles.

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